What Are The Health Benefits of Green Tea?

One of the most common tea variety which we all drink is green tea, and you might be surprised to know that it is also considered to be one of the healthiest beverages available on the planet!

Green tea has its origin in China but is also produced in large quantities in other East-Asian countries Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Mongolia, Noth Korea, and South Korea. It’s produced from the shrub called Camellia Sinensis, which is also called tea plant or tea tree.

All other tea varieties like dark tea, black tea, oolong, yellow tea, or white tea are produced from camellia Sinesis itself and all these vary from each other just in their level of oxidation.

Now, after knowing a small background of this tea variety, read these 6 surprising health benefits of green tea which you might not be knowing earlier.

6 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

1. Filled with Anti-oxidants and other Essential Nutrients that Improves Your Overall Health

Green Tea is famous for having the anti-oxidant called Catechins inside it, which are considered to give the tea all its medicinal properties.

Know that Anti-oxidants are compounds that prevent cell damages inside your body due to its oxidation.

2. A Brain Booster! – Improves Your Mental Health

Green Tea has compounds such as Caffeine and L-theanine in it that are found to be helpful in improving overall mental health.

While Caffeine is found to be helpful in improving your mood, reaction time, and memory, L-theanine reduces anxiety by increasing the inhibitory neurotransmitter called GABA.

Also, it is found in research that Caffeine and L-theanine combined together have a much better effect on your brain function.

3. Helps in Fat-Burning and Reducing Weight

If you are on a diet to reduce your weight, there are chances that someone would have already recommended you to drink green tea.

Green tea increases your metabolic rate and helps in burning fat inside your body.

The metabolic rate is the amount of calorie which your body needs to perform basic survival functions such as breathing, cell production and blood circulation, and nutrient processing.

4. Also Removes Bad Breathe

Some studies have also found that green tea also helps to improve your oral health by reducing the bad odor of your mouth.

5. May Prevent You From Type 2 Diabetes

More studies and research are still in place, but it is also found in some studies that green tea can help type 2 diabetes patients by reducing their blood sugar levels.

6. Also a Healthy Beverage for Your Heart

Besides mental and oral benefits, green tea is also found helpful in keeping the heart and whole cardiovascular system healthy by maintaining proper cholesterol levels inside your body.

Conclusion on Green Tea

So, above was a brief on the 6 health benefits of drinking green tea.

We found that it’s certainly a great choice of beverage at any time if you want to revive your mood and energy.

Plus it helps in weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight, prevents you from Type-2 Diabetes, and is also good for your oral and whole cardiovascular system.

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