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Green tea is a popular and quite common beverage. And you have often drunk it to make yourself feel relax or active. No doubt in that also.

And if somehow today you thought of knowing its benefits also, then you will be definitely be surprised after knowing some of its benefits which makes this drink a perfect refreshment beverage.

You can either take it in the morning to start your day with activeness or in the evening if you feel tired after coming back home from your office.

So take a read on 6 surprising health benefits of green tea which you might not be knowing earlier.

6 Green Tea Health Benefits

1. Filled with antioxidants and other essential nutrients which improves your overall health

Green tea contains polyphenols that help in reducing inflammation and also fight cancer.

Take glad news that some researchers have found people drinking green tea are at a lower risk of developing many types of cancers. Although research is still ongoing to confirm this observation.

It has EGCG, Epigallocatechin gallate, a type of catechin. Catechins are natural phenols and have antioxidant properties inside them. So it prevents cell damage by producing free radicals inside your body.

In fact, the EGCG is limelight here as it only is considered to be the reason for the green tea’s medicinal properties.

It also holds other minerals helpful for overall health which further increases its nutritional value.

2. A Brain Booster! – Improves your mental health

You may be drinking green tea so that it keeps you alert, fresh, and active. But there is more which green tea can give you.

Green tea has the two brain-boosting compounds inside it – Caffeine and L-Liathine.

And you may think of replacing it with your coffee cup sometimes if you are too used to drinking coffee.

Green tea contains the caffeine compound, not as much as found in coffee but enough to make you feel fresh. It helps you to revive your mood and improves memory, vigilance, and reaction time.

Also, take note that high caffeine intake can make you feel unrelaxed or nervous contrary to its positive effect on your body.

L-Liathine improves your overall brain function by increasing an inhibitory neurotransmitter called GABA that reduces anxiety, and by increasing another brain chemical called dopamine that is considered to give you the feeling of happiness.

3. Helps in burning fat and reducing weight

If you are on diet to reduce and attain a healthy weight, there is a high chance that someone has already recommended you drink green tea.

Green tea increases your metabolic rate and helps in burning fat inside our body.

The metabolic rate is the amount of calorie which your body needs to perform basic survival functions such as breathing, cell production and blood circulation, and nutrient processing.

4. Also removes Bad breathe

Some studies have also found that green tea also helps to improve your oral health by reducing the bad odor of the mouth.

5. May prevent you from Tye 2 Diabetes

More studies and research are still in place, but it is also found in some studies that green tea can also help type 2 diabetes patients by reducing the blood sugar levels inside their bodies.

6. Also healthy for your Heart

Besides mental and oral benefits, green tea is also found helpful in keeping the heart and whole cardiovascular system healthy by maintaining cholesterol levels inside your body.


So above was a brief on the 6 healthy benefits of drinking green tea.

It’s certainly a great choice if you want to revive your mood and energy. Plus it also helps in with loss or maintaining a healthy weight, prevents type 2 diabetes, and is good for your oral and cardiovascular systems.