5 Benefits Of Drinking Coffee – Know What’s Inside Your Coffee Mug

You may not be surprised knowing that coffee is drunk 2.25 Billion Cups a day and that makes it the world’s favorite drink!

Coffee is made from roasted coffee beans. Coffee beans are basically seeds inside berries from the plant called Coffea. After Coffea berries ripe and turn to bright red in color from green, they are processed and dried to get the coffee beans. The beans obtained are then roasted at different degrees to get the desired coffee flavor. And finally, the roasted coffee beans are ground and brewed with hot drinking water to make that delicious coffee drink.

So this is the journey of coffee drink from seed to beverage inside your coffee mug!

Coffee is quite famous for caffeine content inside it that has energy-boosting effects on your body. Besides, it also contains antioxidants and some other nutrients that are beneficial for your overall health.

So let’s know some 5 Benefits of Drinking Coffee which you might be not knowing earlier.

6 Benefits of Drinking Coffee on Your Health

1. Coffee is a Brain Booster

Coffee has Caffeine inside it, plus with the sugar added in it makes it to act as a stimulant for your brain.

It causes your brain to release adrenaline that normally happens when you are in a moment of stress or danger. It increases your heartbeat and blood pressure making you feel more energetic.

Coffee also improves your concentration and alertness which prepares you to work for longer hours if required.

Your short term memory improves after drinking a cup of coffee, making you learn better and faster.

It is also a stress buster as it releases dopamine and serotonin inside your brain that enhances your mood.

So, you may become a genius for a while after having a cup of coffee!

But avoid drinking coffee when you are on empty stomach, as it may bloat your stomach and may give reverse effects on your body.

2. Coffee May Help if You Have Low Blood Pressure

Coffee increases blood pressure inside your body. So if you are suffering from hypotension or low blood pressure, then drinking coffee is worth trying.

And most importantly, it doesn’t cause heart disease as it is blamed to be. In-fact some studies found on the contrary that people who drink coffee have a lower risk of stroke and other heart diseases.

Coffee indeed increases blood pressure inside your body by 3-4mm/Hg, which is not to a greater degree. And the effect may reduce if you drink coffee regularly. However, some studies also suggest having persistent blood pressure rise for some people although they were regular coffee consumers.

3. Also an Immunity Booster

Coffee has antioxidants and other phenolic compounds inside it that helps to improve your immunity. Antioxidants also prevent cell damage inside your body.

4. Helpful in Headaches

Coffee has caffeine that also has pain-relieving properties. Caffeine is in fact found in major pain-relieving medications. 

Headaches are quite common and a hot brewed coffee may be an alternative to those pain suppressing tablets.

5. Helps in Reducing Your Weight

You may find it surprising that coffee also helps in reducing or maintaining a healthy weight. Coffee has caffeine which is known to have energy-boosting effects. But caffeine is also a major ingredient of all fat burning supplements.

As per several studies, coffee is found to increase the metabolic rate by (3-11)%.

So it’s a good idea to keep a coffee mug if you are on a weight loss plan!

Conclusion on Coffee

So, above were some 5 health benefits of Coffee.

We found that coffee not only boosts our energy but also has beneficial effects on our brain, heart, and liver.

With its great taste and tons of benefits, coffee can also be called one of the healthiest drinks on the planet!

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