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Bananas are a very common fruit that we often eat.

Whenever you are hungry, the bananas are often your first choice of food you look to eat, if not always. Because you found that even 1 full-sized banana is enough to make you adequately full.

Have you thought about why is it so, what nutrients are there inside the bananas, and how it benefits our health?

So, know in this article the 6 benefits of eating bananas that will give you reasons to add this fruit daily in your dietary habit.

Benefits of Eating Banana – A Nutritional Powerhouse

1. Rich source of Vitamin B6

Bananas are a rich source of Vitamin B6 which is important for a healthy nervous and immune system.

Moreover, this Vitamin is water-soluble so can be easily absorbed by your body.

And a full medium-sized banana is enough to get 1/4 of the recommended daily dosage.

2. Contains Manganese in it

Banana contains manganese which is an essential nutrient for having healthy glowing skin.

One medium banana can fill you with 13 percent of your daily required manganese need.

3. Rich source of Potassium

Bananas are also rich in Potassium which is required for your body to have a healthy heart and maintained blood pressure.

You can get about (320-400) mg of Potassium in a single medium-sized banana which equals 10 percent of the recommended daily dosage.

4. Rich source of dietary fiber

Bananas are a good source of dietary fiber which is very important for your body’s digestive system. It helps to relieve problems such as constipation and stomach ulcers.

The daily fiber intake recommendation for healthy adults is around (25-30) gm.

And you can get easily (3-4) gm of fibers from a single banana.

5. Good source of quick energy – Energy Booster!

If you are tired, hungry, and quickly looking to revive yourself, then bananas are the best option for that.

Bananas are the engines for three natural sugars – sucrose, fructose, and glucose which are both fat-free and cholesterol-free sources of energy.

6. Also a good source of Vitamin C

Bananas also have a good amount of Vitamin C in them although they are not famous for it. Know that Vitamin C is essential for your body to keep a healthy immune system.

A banana can serve you with around 10 percent of your Vitamin C daily requirement.

Final words

So was all about bananas and the reasons for you to include it in your food habit.

Either you want to include it in your morning breakfast or a mid-day meal, or after a heavy workout, they are the perfect fit food on every occasion.